Observatory Campus

The Kodaikanal Observatory also has a 20-inch telescope (not in use now), which came in 1912 from Pune, when the Maharaja of Bhavnagar, Taktasinhji Observatory was closed down.

Bhavnagar dome in kodaikanal observatory campus

Bisons frequently visit campus, but there are no reported incidents of attacks on observatory staff!

Bison inside kodaikanal observatory campus

The 24-inch Tunnel Telescope and Spectro-lab. The newer "twin-telescope" that takes full disk image of sun in Ca-K line and white-light is located near the building. White light pictures show how the Sun appears to the naked eye. In a white light photo, the part of the Sun that we see is called the "photosphere". It has a temperature of about 6000 degrees Celsius. The Ca II K line is a strong spectral line associated with once-ionized Calcium. At a wavelength 393.4 nm, this color of sunlight come not from the Sun's photosphere, but from the next highest layer, called the "chromosphere", about 2000 km above the visible surface of sun. The center of this spectral line is very sensitive to the presence of magnetic fields.

kodaikanal observatory campus